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libvcs 0.20.0 (2022-10-31)

URLs: Mapping now class attributes (#433)

URL.rule_map is now a class attribute rather than a dataclass attribute.


class GitLabURL(GitURL):
    rule_map: RuleMap = RuleMap(
        _rule_map={'gitlab_prefix': GitLabPrefix}

In python 3.11, that raises an error:

  File "/home/user/.python/3.11.0/lib/python3.11/dataclasses.py", line 1211, in wrap
    return _process_class(cls, init, repr, eq, order, unsafe_hash,
  File "/home/user/.python/3.11.0/lib/python3.11/dataclasses.py", line 959, in _process_class
    cls_fields.append(_get_field(cls, name, type, kw_only))
  File "/home/user/.python/3.11.0/lib/python3.11/dataclasses.py", line 816, in _get_field
    raise ValueError(f'mutable default {type(f.default)} for field '
ValueError: mutable default <class 'libvcs.url.base.RuleMap'> for field rule_map is not allowed: use default_factory

After release:

>>> import dataclasses
>>> from libvcs.url.base import RuleMap
>>> from libvcs.url.git import GitURL, DEFAULT_RULES
>>> @dataclasses.dataclass(repr=False)
... class MyGitURL(GitURL):
...     rule_map = RuleMap(
...         _rule_map={'gitlab_prefix': DEFAULT_RULES}
...     )