libvcs - vcs abstraction layer

libvcs - abstraction layer for vcs, powers vcspull.

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$ pip install libvcs

Open up python:

$ python

# or for nice autocomplete and syntax highlighting
$ pip install ptpython
$ ptpython


Create a Repo object of the project to inspect / checkout / update:

>>> from libvcs.shortcuts import create_repo_from_pip_url, create_repo

# repo is an object representation of a vcs repository.
>>> r = create_repo(url='',
...                 vcs='git',
...                 repo_dir='/tmp/libtmux')

# or via pip-style URL
>>> r = create_repo_from_pip_url(
...         pip_url='git+',
...         repo_dir='/tmp/libtmux')

Update / clone repo:

# it may or may not be checked out/cloned on the system yet
>>> r.update_repo()

Get revision:

>>> r.get_revision()


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